Since June 2000 many local volunteers have been involved in our local radio activities – technical, administration and broadcasting. Details of our current presenters are shown in our broadcasting schedule. Our aim is to bring 6 new people to air and to have 6 trainees per annum (Ofcom encourages Community Radio in this).


  • Broadcasters – for a series of programmes or for live broadcasting (we will train you)
  • Administrators – maintaining contact with partners, finding sponsors and advertisers
  • People doing computer based programme preparation including adverts.

Flame has one broadcasting studio (“a pleasure to work in”), a recording studio plus a programme assembly facility and additional speech recording facility. The Flame studio offers training accredited by the Institution of Electronics. Current space constraints limit us to only one or two students at a time, but we do provide on the job training and experience to people who want to learn:

  • Office skills
  • Computer-based audio recording and editing
  • Interviewing techniques and programme composition
  •  Programme presentation (pre-recorded programmes)
  •  Station announcer duties

People of all ages are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. We just love encouraging youngsters (and all ages) to learn media skills. All we ask is an enthusiasm for broadcasting and a love of radio. All training is tailored to suit individual requirements, and successful completion of appropriate training will be certificated by the Institution of Electronics.


You could copy the information below, add your details and drop it into an e-mail and send it to Norman at flameccr@googlemail.com

Name …….,

Address …….,

Phone …….,

e-mail …….,

date ……. *

I am interested in giving Flame some of my time as a volunteer. I can offer the following time : 1 day/month, 1/2 day/week, 1 day/week, more (please choose which) and can work on a weekday during the day. * I cannot work in the daytime but can offer : 1 evening/week, part of weekend. * I cannot work in the studio but can work at home. * I can be a contact point for my church which is …………………………………. * I have the following appropriate skills/ experience : broadcasting, programme creation/script-writing, computer-based audio processing, Microsoft office computer-based work, general office ability. * I am in the following age range : 20-40, 40s, 50s, 60s, older (indicate which) * The reasons I am interesting in giving time to Flame are ………………………………………………….. Alternatively phone Norman on 0151 643 1696 for a friendly chat.

God made us a family

… we need one another, we love one another, we forgive one another. …

we work together, we play together, we worship and serve God together.

… together we use God’s word, together we grow in Christ, together we love all men,

together we serve our God, together we hope for Heaven.

These are our hopes and ideals, help us to attain them O God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

“So light up the fire and let the Flame burn; open the door, let Jesus return, take seeds of His Spirit, let the fruit grow; tell the people of Jesus, let His love show“ … Parchment‘s UK 1974 hit “light up the fire” (a Liverpool group).