Radio Drama for something different on New Year’s Day

Through the day on the 1st January join us on Flame Christian & Community Radio for the omnibus productions of both The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe and Pilgrims Progress. Check our schedule page for when you can tune in and enjoy the best in Radio Drama

We hope to be back soon

1521 Medium Wave remains silent and will continue to be off air for several more days awaiting repair and maintenance. However we continue loud and clear via our webcast service and welcome to the world of internet radio. There is no extra cost to you, download your fave app and search for Flame Christian &Community Radio and add us to your faves. We recommend Radio Player as this also gives you access to our Listen Again service, but Tune In and Xiialive apps are also highly recommended. You can also listen by clicking the LISTEN button on our Home page and on Internet Radio


Medium Wave is down for the coming week due to transmitter failure and so it’s time to discover the different ways of listening to your favourite programmes. Time to move over to the world of the internet!

  1. You can listen from the Flame CCR website on your computer or laptop by clicking the LISTEN button
  2. Listen on your android or i-phone or tablet using your favourite app. The three recommended apps freely available from Play Store or App Store are Tune In, Radio Player & Xiialive. Search for Flame Christian & Community Radio, add your fave list and there we are.
  3. If you have an Internet Radio we are available on several platforms and you can listen in clear stereo sound.

So why not discover a new way of tuning in and listening your 24/7 Christian Radio station from the heart of the Wirral and from the heart of God


“In a very crowded chat room today with Norman are four USA visitors plus Peter Field. The USA people are the European organisers of “The Extreme Tour” ( ) plus Ted Bruun, the founder. The Extreme Tour began as a grassroots project of “The Extreme,” a cultural outreach project started by Ted Bruun and a small group of other Idaho residents in 1994. The purpose of The Extreme was to use Extreme Sports and Music Events, to reach at-risk and counter culture youth with services and resources that would assist them in making positive, as well as healthy, decisions for a successful life. The effort was successful and spread quickly across the USA and has now become world-wide. Hence these USA folk involved in events in the UK. Don’t expect a sleepy programme, be prepared to be enthused by the chat and energised by the music. They comment that whilst most music tours are simply marketing devices, the Extreme Tour, however, is a charitable effort. And, like any effective charitable effort, Extreme Tour events are tailored specifically to the mission and vision of the community organizations they are serving in the places they visit and to meeting the needs of the people those organizations serve. Attendances can vary quite a bit in size, based primarily on the charitable purpose of the organizations they are serving and events are often held in unusual concert settings like public squares, city parks, blocked off city streets, the occasional school, or even in large car parks. Local bands are often involved to build a base of fans and friends in the communities they visit. The Extreme Tour is known for making events which are a very personal, intimate experience for all those who attend.

TONIGHT AT 20:00 and at other times during the week. Check us out and join in and be blessed

MELTING POT with Rob Birtley

Are you a Christian? Do you listen to Heavy Metal? Are you neither, but happen to be just interested? Either way, ‘Melting Pot’ could be YOUR radio show.
Sponsored by Meltdown and The Metal Onslaught, and broadcast on Flame Radio each Saturday night from 7.30 – 8.30 pm GMT (repeated Friday nights at 11 pm), and presented by Rob Birtley, ‘Melting Pot’ is for metalheads and righteous rockers everywhere, featuring the best in Christian heavy rock both past and present, along with a weekly devotional. The programmes are also available on LISTEN AGAIN via  Rob Birtley is a Christian and music critic who welcomes you to Melting Pot, “a potent amalgam of rock and heavy metal forged in the fiery furnaces of Heaven itself, music that moves me and inspires me, and we hope it will do the same for you” …………… so try it, please.


LISTEN AGAIN is what it really says it is … enabling our listeners to choose when they want to catch up on a programme they have missed … and they do … in fact over 2,000 people took advantage of this opportunity in the past 12 months. We regard LISTEN AGAIN as being Flame’s treasure store which is not hidden away but is freely available worldwide to people … now 425 programmes totalling 300 hours. Proving that it is not only the BBC that gives its listeners this opportunity; Flame CCR also does, and allows free download for passing on to friends.

DETAIL … every month we add six more hours of programmes including three Chat Rooms and a composite collection of Jennifer Nevill’s Middle East News. Recently Peter Cooper’s Good New Live synopsis, Andy’s Vaults show and Melting Pot (Christian heavy metal music) seem popular.

VARIETY is our intention … hence proverbs, interviews, preaching, missionary stories, devotionals, Heritage programmes, current affairs, debate, news, variety, heavy metal music, drama, poetry, worship … it’s all there for you to enjoy in our increasing number of programmes.

OUR TOP PROGRAMMES with number of listeners in the past 12 months (plus total number of listeners) :

  • CHAT ROOM – Rick Henry (musician) 2017                                                             92 (92)
  • THAT’S MY KING ( JESUS )                                                                         66 (66)
  • CHAT ROOM creation – Jonathan Sarfati (Scientist, Creationist) 2016             65 (70)
  • CHAT ROOM – Andrew Gardiner (Cancer, Rising Hope ministry) 2017             56 (56)
  • Ruth Anne (feat I AM THE MDC) – United We Stand 2017.                                     55 (55)
  • CHAT ROOM – Vernon Fuller (musician) 2017                                                 52 (52)
  • CHAT ROOM – Christian concern & Christian legal centre 2017                         51 (51)
  • Balfour Declaration, an on air safari – 01, Balfour Declaration 41 (41)
  • CHAT ROOM – Karen Freeman (Anglican minister, Birkenhead) 2017             39 (39)
  • CHAT ROOM – Believe in Birkenhead weekend synopsis, 2017                         38 (38)
  • Andy’s Folk, Country, Bluegrass & Roots music – 5                                                 37 (37)
  • CHAT ROOM – Irene Taylor @ Crossing Point, 2017 34 (34)
  • CHAT ROOM – Adrian Plass (author, speaker, poet) 2015                                     32 (91)
  • Andy’s Folk, Country, Bluegrass & Roots music – 4                                                 31 (31)
  • CHAT ROOM – hospices & assisted dying (Jane Guest & Peter Hall) 2017             30 (30)
  • MELTING POT – 01, 2017 July Pilot             29 (29)
  • CHAT ROOM – Caroline Ward (Billy Graham) & Mark Latham (street pastor) 2017 28 (28)
  • CHAT ROOM – Community Soul (Sam Rowan, Coral, Keri, refugee relief) 2016 28 (28)
  • CHAT ROOM – Di Jones (Wirral composer and singer) 2017                                     28 (28)
  • PREPARED TO WORSHIP, with beryl – Jesus our example and role model             26 (26)
  • CHAT ROOM – Chester Deo Gratias choir (Vicki, Ralph, Eileen, Sue, Helen) 2017 24 (24)
  • CHAT ROOM – Joshua & Samantha Francis (Christian troubador and vegan) 2017 24 (24)
  • CHAT ROOM – David Gilbey (bass baritone, Wirral) 2016 23 (40)
  • CHAT ROOM – Anne & Carol (Pathways, pregnancy crisis, post abortion) 2017 23 (23)
  • CHAT ROOM – Steve & Liz Smith on prayer (Fellowship of Hope) 2016 23 (23)
  • CHAT ROOM – Glyn & Paul (depression and attempted suicide) 2014 22 (130)
  • CHAT ROOM – Jesse Foot (Christian, librarian, controversy, politics) 2017 22 (22)
  • MELTING POT – 03, 2017 August 21 (21)
  • CHAT ROOM – Catherine Wood (The King’s Fund, medical ethics) 2017 20 (20)
  • Gordon Beaumont, YESTERDAY ONCE MORE – sampler 2 20 (20)
  • PREPARED TO WORSHIP, with Beryl – Personal reflections, early years 20 (20)
  • MIDDLE EAST REPORT – month of January 2016, Jennifer Nevill 20 (20)
  • CHAT ROOM – Bishop Keith Sinclair (Bishop of Birkenhead) 2015 19 (38)
  • CHAT ROOM – Pete Caulfield (Liverpool musician, worship leader) 2017 18 (18)


Have a listen and if they grab your attention then please tell your friends and contacts about them.


Flame CCR started full-time broadcasting in December 2009 so, according to “old wives tales” of “the seven year itch”, we should not be surprised to encounter a spate of equipment failures and problems in 2016/2017.

A major “itch” has been link to our transmitter site and our ISP. After six years of good service from Virgin Media, they decided to update their network in 2016 discontinuing support of the internet modem we had come to rely on. Our need of a fixed IP address meant that we had to take a new, obviously untried, Virgin Media modem. We thought that step would be easy but after 6 months of great patience we gave up and started to try to extricate ourselves from a contract with Virgin Media. The Ombudsman agreed with us that the Virgin Media product was not fit for our use and instructed Virgin Media to stop trying to extract money from us. After 6 months Virgin Media did stop but we still feel they owe us a refund. However the good news is that we have now found an alternative internet supplier, and somewhere in the Virgin Media world we are marked as a “dissatisfied customer”.

After a few month of calm, the “itch” started again. In September 2017 BT decided to unplug the broadband connection at our antenna site. After two days of chasing they admitted their error and reconnected the line. However they blamed the broadband demise upon our router and sent us a new one in the post. It did not arrive but in the meantime our broadband mysteriously re-appeared. Flame cannot accept this behaviour from a professional supplier so we have found an alternative internet supplier at half the price.

Flame CCR is now fully in the “UWClub” with three very satisfactory fibre broadband connections at a very modest cost.

Another current worry is our main broadcasting desk. It is the heart of our broadcasting operation, but like most of our equipment was “bought for little money, second-hand ages ago” and actually was the height of fashion in a small commercial radio studio in the late 1980s / early 1990s. That desk remains a worry for the rest of 2017. The “seven year itch” continues.

BALFOUR 100 – a lesson from history


A series of twelve 15 minute programmes commissioned by Flame CCR to recognise the 100 year Anniversary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration which stated the UK Government’s understanding that the Jewish people have a right to their own land.

This series starts with Biblical analysis, covers the historical period from 1st Century to 19th Century, and provides a Christian commentary to 20th Century events


LIVE OUTSIDE BROADCAST on Flame CCR this Saturday evening 9th September at 19:30 from Woodchurch High School, Wirral so do join us for Saturday Night Live. This celebration is part of the Believe in Birkenhead events across the Wirral and welcomes the Bishop of York on his visit to the area


It’s all happening Saturday 2nd September 2017 in Southport and Flame hopes to bring you some LIVE interviews from the event during the afternoon. Keep tuned in and get the flavour of the day!

SonFest Southport held its first concert in September 2014 in the heart of Southport’s town centre. The festival was created to give visitors and residents the opportunity to hear the life-giving, life-changing message of Jesus Christ through live music.  SonFest Southport provides a day filled with great live music of a variety of styles from jazz to pop, to folk and to gospel and is complemented by a number of community partners and services.


Live music offers people the opportunity to hear messages in a new, engaging way and words change lives – especially words of love, hope, forgiveness and grace.