In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God John 1

Today’s Schedule

helping to make your Sunday Special:

00:00 The Music Mix with Norman
01:00 Derek & Vic with something to say
02:00 The Flame Sunday Concert
03:00 Mark & Pete & those things that matter
04:00 The Flame Chat Room revisited
05:00 Haynsie & Friends with Mike Haynse
06:00 The Gospel Highway with Trevor Kirk
07:00 The Message is in the Music
08:00 Sunday Worship from Vineyard
08:30 The New Arrivals on Flame
09:00 Prepared for Worship with Beryl Polden
11:30 Insights for Living with Chuck Swindoll
12:00 Sunday Worship with Andy Chrisman


Flame CCR is a “Christian and Community Radio station” – hence whilst we major on Christian music and have family friendly programmes we do also enjoy good secular music. We maintain a strong Christian bias with music of all genres, but you will also hear good old music and modern music. Please contact us and tell us what music you like. By having a studio on Wirral local people are able to be involved in our studio, or be interviewed locally. We welcome music from local musicians. Hence we confidently say “Christian Radio with a Merseyside flavour”. Find More about Flame CCR

Latest News

Listen Again

You can now LISTEN AGAIN to many of our programmes (nearly 200 hours and growing). These include selected Chat Room programmes, Look Back heritage programmes, and Derek’s Potpourri and One Thing More programmes. We also include all of our Pilgrim’s Progress series and some important timely news on the Middle East and Christian thoughts on the world situation. As well as listening to the programmes, please feel free to download any and pass them to your friends.