LISTEN AGAIN is what it really says it is … enabling our listeners to choose when they want to catch up on a programme they have missed … and they do … in fact 140 people took advantage of this opportunity last month. It is not only the BBC that gives its listeners this opportunity; Flame CCR also does.

DETAIL … since 2013 we have been adding six hours of programmes each month to our LISTEN AGAIN capability so there are now 320 programmes available totalling 200 hours. Recently we added Chat Room programmes featuring Dave Croft (tribute), Doreen Kelly (prayer ministry), Gina Larrisey (adoption and life in care), Neil Roddy (drugs and punk music) and our two work experience students. We also added some Tilly Tuppence poems and completed the availability of the omnibus editions of the whole of our Pilgrim’s Progress dramatization. Every month we also add a composite collection of Jennifer Nevill’s Middle East News.

POPULARITY … we are finding this method of availability is very popular with our listeners. It also frees us from the responsibility of “burning” CDs and posting them to people … modern technology now enables people to LISTEN AGAIN to programmes on their mobile phones, or even download them for passing on to friends (and can burn their own CDs if they wish). Members of our Facebook group receive an availability message when we upload a new programme to LISTEN AGAIN and some people even “pass this on” to their friends so the social network works well to Flame’s advantage (God knew what he was doing when he planted the Facebook idea in people’s minds).

HOW MANY LISTENERS DO WE HAVE … a question on the lips of many people as they struggle to understand why we are so persistent with keeping Flame CCR on air. Well one answer is that some of our programmes have had nearly 200 listeners.

VARIETY is our intention … hence proverbs, interviews, preaching, missionary stories, devotionals, Heritage programmes, current affairs, debate, news, variety, drama, poetry, worship … it’s all there for you to enjoy in our 320 and increasing number of programmes.


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