Staff & Volunteers

Norman Polden C.Eng, founder of Flame in 2000 & now station manager of Flame CCR, has lived on Wirral for the best half of his life, (he says). He loves getting behind the microphone playing all sorts of music and encouraging people to turn to Jesus. Take early retirement and leap into full-time Christian service is his recommendation. Beryl Polden patiently maintains home in Greasby but spends much time preparing for her Sunday morning 2 hours bringing hymns and songs from a variety of traditions. Her zeal for finding songs for our vast hymnal is unmatched. Their son Mark Polden joins in their family chats about Flame technical things.

David Higham assists Norman in managing Flame but his real love is live broadcasting both from home at breakfast-time and from the studio at lunch-time with wife Laura. Our easy to access broadcasting schedule is David’s creation. Laura Higham amazes the Flame team at her persistence with broadcasting, despite disability. She adds a child-focused aspect to Flame and maintains a pastoral eye over us all.

Andy Eades was one of the earliest people to find Flame and join in helping. He now adds his own “folk and country music” touch from his local contacts and one day we will get him to play live guitar on the radio.

Brian Lincoln adds a calm experienced voice to the local airwaves from his long-term experience of radio broadcasting. Despite being one of the oldest team members he encourages us in our leap forward into internet web-casting.

Clive Davies links Flame with Saltney Community Centre and is a helper/encourager.

Derek Lindley loves names. He regularly comes from Manchester to Merseyside to record programmes gaining him a place in the “Flame 100 Club” (over 100 hours of broadcasting since 2009). Teaming up with Mike Ellis he adds humour to Flame’s broadcasting.

Jennifer Nevill is a veteran news reporter who provides a weekly programme focusing on the Middle East – a part of the world we just have to keep our eyes upon.

John Cheek lives up to his name helping us build relationships with people in the local community, many of whom can be now heard on our LISTEN AGAIN. When we encourage our listeners to pray for the Street Pastors we think of John and his colleagues out on the streets at unsocial times in inclement weather.

Jono McGrath has family links that go back many years at St Paul’s Road Mission and brings a professional skill to programme production and radio drama. Thanks to Jono, Flame Radio has a visual place in sharing the gospel via YOU TUBE.

Keith Robertshaw came over the border from Hospital Radio to Community Radio bringing with him “good old melodic music” which attracts many listeners who love his querky Lancashire humour.

Nick Cowan adds a solid scriptural base to our on air debate and strongly defends a creationist stance.

Peter Cooper provides daily devotionals together with debate on a multiplicity of topics. Whilst being a local vicar he is beginning to open opportunities for Flame to be involved in local debating situations. With friend Mark Peacy, he adds controversy to the Flame repertoire.

Vic Edwards, calling himself “the Old Vic”, gets upon his soap box every week debating topics that are “out there” in the public domain. His long experience of Bible College professorship and missionary activity, plus CDs from local charity shops, gives an unusual “Victor-E” flavour to Fridays.

Joshua Francis, (ably supported by wife “Sam”) is our distant “troubadour in the court of the King”. Despite disability he is a prolific singer/songwriter, often visits Flame for live programmes, and maintains a flow of professionally produced zany radio programmes.

Robert, Robbie & John Foley, add their help to our “welcoming team” and Robert & Robbie enjoy getting behind the microphone.

 Flame Management team: Norman Polden (Managing Director & Trustee), Alan Hollinshead (Trustee), Peter Cooper (Trustee), Peter McGrath (Trustee), David Higham (Administrator & Trustee), Vic Edwards (Trustee), Derek Lindley (Prayer Co-ordinator)

Flame technical team: Peter Leach of Broadcasting Solutions (Radio & Systems), Mark Polden (Audio & Systems)