LISTEN AGAIN is what it really says it is … enabling our listeners to choose when they want to catch up on a programme they have missed … and they do … in fact over 1,200 people took advantage of this opportunity last year. We regard LISTEN AGAIN as being Flame’s treasure store which is not hidden away but is freely available worldwide to people … 342 programmes totalling 237 hours. Proving that it is not only the BBC that gives its listeners this opportunity; Flame CCR also does, and allows download for passing on to friends.

DETAIL … every month we add six more hours of programmes, usually four Chat Rooms, a composite collection of Jennifer Nevill’s Middle East News, plus something we think people would like. Gordon Beaumont “Yesterday Once More” seems popular.

VARIETY is our intention … hence proverbs, interviews, preaching, missionary stories, devotionals, Heritage programmes, current affairs, debate, news, variety, drama, poetry, worship … it’s all there for you to enjoy in our 342 (and increasing) programmes.

OUR TOP TWENTY (with number of listeners in 2016, plus total number of listeners) :

BE MY GUEST – Tim Peters Tribute, August 2016                                             (72 in year ….. 72 total)

CHAT ROOM – Simon Hollowell (Simon Dan, reggae, Christian) 2015              (38 in year ….. 38 total)

CHAT ROOM – Adrian Plass (author, speaker, poet)                                         (35 in year ….. 59 total)

CHAT ROOM – Henry Vyner-Brooks re The Line (author)                                  (26 in year ….. 46 total)

REVIVE or DIE (by Derek Lindley) – part 1                                                         (26 in year ….. 26 total)

CHAT ROOM – James Byrne (ex spiritist medium, author, broadcaster)           (25 in year ….. 32 total)

CHAT ROOM – Alison & Lorraine (Birkenhead Filling Station)                           (25 in year ….. 25 total)

CHAT ROOM – David Woods (Church of God, North West)                              (23 in year ….. 48 total)

CHAT ROOM – The Bogside Artists part 1 (Greenbelt, Derry, Bloody Sunday) (23 in year ….. 23 total)

CHAT ROOM – Birkenhead Priory (Wirral)                                                         (21 in year ….. 30 total)

CHAT ROOM – Neil Roddy (drugs, Christian, musician)                                    (21 in year ….. 21 total)

CHAT ROOM – Phina Oruche (super-model. actress, Liverpool-born)              (21 in year ….. 21 total)

CHAT ROOM – John Hulme (Merseyside published poet)                                 (20 in year ….. 51 total)

CHAT ROOM – Doreen Kelly (prayer ministry)                                                   (20 in year ….. 20 total)

BE MY GUEST – Laura Higham (Multiple Schlerosis)                                        (19 in year ….. 19 total)

MIDDLE EAST REPORT – month of January 2016, Jennifer Nevill                   (19 in year ….. 19 total)

TILLY TUPPENCE POEMS                                                                               (19 in year ….. 19 total)

CHAT ROOM – John Hulme chatting poetry                                                      (18 in year ….. 18 total)

CHAT ROOM – Bishop Peter Forster (Chester)                                                  (17 in year ….. 17 total)

CHAT ROOM – David Gilbey (bass baritone, Wirral)                                         (17 in year ….. 17 total)


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