JENNIFER NEVILL – has produced over 100 hours of broadcasting on Flame CCR with her weekly 15 minute “Middle East News” on Flame since 2009. Her programmes are an interesting mix of interviews with people out in Israel and adjacent countries, focus on charity work in those places plus factual information on archaeolgy, ecology and travel – topped up of course with an insight on Israeli life and politics that you will not hear on the mainstream media. We encourage Jennifer in this ministry which she runs from her home in Stoke-on-Trent. Occasionally Jennifer comes up to Wirral and recently sat talking to Norman on air in Flame’s chat room.

Jennifer Nevill funds her ministry from her personal pension, with the help from a few friends. But as is true for Flame her equipment is ageing and needs improvement, it also suffers from the problems with Microsoft operating systems. So if you feel you want to continue to hear Jennifer on Flame then please seriously consider making a donation to Flame which will enable Flame to support some maintenance for Jennifer’s equipment.


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