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… an often asked question and one that is almost impossible to answer when it comes to our medium wave listeners. If you do listen on medium wave why not give us a call or send an email and tell us when you listen, and where you are? Always good to hear from our listeners, we need you and we value your support!


However we do have clever software that will tell us when people are accessing our “webcasting” (techie speak for our internet broadcasts). So our statistical “nerd” spends an evening each month massaging data into more accurate information than the dodgy dossier. The result is a set of graphs on our office wall showing that our listening hours have increased to 2,500 hours each month, a cumulative 52,000 hours in the six years since we started. Over the past 18 months we have majored on adding our internet broadcasts to as many internet radio portals as we could find, and hence our listening numbers have increased significantly to the point where people are listening 24/7 and an encouraging number of people listen for more than 4 hours at a go.


WHERE are our listeners ? It is helpful to know that nearly 1,000 people listened via the internet in the last year with half of them contributing to 95% of our listening time. And they are all over the world … realising the 1999 vision of “healing waves flowing out of Merseyside”. Our last year’s improvement of our radio playing software enabled us to schedule our broadcasts round the clock, choosing interesting programmes through the night for people in different time zones. Obviously the majority of our listening hours (57% actually) are from the UK (37% from our broadcasting area), but what about the other hours – USA (27%), Philippines (7%), Europe (9%) and other countries (1%).


AND OF COURSE these people benefit from full stereo super hi-fi quality listening, wherever they are … at home, out in the streets, on the move and even in the car / bus / train. We were recently delighted when two local “older generation” residents triumphantly told us they listen to us via the internet … hoorah for the 21st Century!


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