Flame CCR Finance

Flame CCR is a listener-supported radio station. It costs £5 per hour to keep the station running.
A £5 donation from yourself will power the station for one hour!

Finance Needed!

In a world where there are many messages in the media, there are few Christian voices heard.
Flame Radio has the privilege of bringing Christian music, message and chat to over a million people in this local area.
Flame operates purely with voluntary help in a low-cost mode, and we rely upon our listeners to support and keep us on air, with individual or regular gifts.
For this vital “gospel” work to continue please become a Flame Bearer, keeping the Flame burning brightly by making a one-off or regular donation – your contribution can be gift aided.

Flame costs £5 per hour to operate.
The Christian message is too good to keep within the walls of the church!

To keep the Flame burning we need:

  • Monthly or individual donations (can be gift-aided) - Flame costs £5 per hour to keep burning (very low compared to other Christian media organisations).

  • Interest-free loans and legacies - If you can invest in Flame, or consider a legacy, then please talk to us. Flame operates as a small business and needs finance for equipment and the support of key workers.

  • Programme sponsorship - sponsorship of an individual programme or a series of programmes can be for £25 or more, this can be with details of the Sponsor added to the programme, or anonymously.

  • Programme preparation funding - It takes a lot of skilled work to record and produce a professional-sounding programme suitable for radio. Typical interview programmes cost over £100 in studio time for a 30-minute programme, and more complex drama programmes cost far more. Flame is committed to providing good original programmes so funding of individual or series of programmes would be a great help towards our Christian ministry. Some of our existing programmes have received grant funding.

If you can make a one off donation, or even set up a monthly standing order, then please text us or call us on 07377 143428. Alternatively email us at the address below and we will respond with the Flame bank account details.

If you are a UK tax player then please tell us because you donation can be gift aided. We will also need your address and post code.

Thank You

Email: flameccr@gmail.com

Tel:07377 143428

Two steps to signing up as a Flame Bearer

Step 1: Donation links to ENTHUSE are provided on this website and also on our Flame Radio app. These links enable single or regular donations which can be via bank transfer or credit card.
You can also write a cheque, payable to “Wirral Christian Media”, and post it to Flame CCR, St Paul’s Road Mission Church, Rock Ferry, Wirral CH42 3UZ.
Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer (bank details are on our prayer letter).

Step 2: Sit back, relax and enjoy “Flame”. Regular gifts give us the security of being able to continue our Christian ministry. Flame CCR will not share your details with any third parties and you would be most welcome to come in and visit us at the studio – someone is there weekdays between 11 am and 6 pm.