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… an often asked question and one that is almost impossible to answer when it comes to our medium wave listeners. If you do listen on medium wave why not give us a call or send an email and tell us when you listen, and where you are? Always good to hear from our listeners, we need you and we value your support!


However we do have clever software that will tell us when people are accessing our “webcasting” (techie speak for our internet broadcasts). So our statistical “nerd” spends an evening each month massaging data into more accurate information than the dodgy dossier. The result is a set of graphs on our office wall showing that our listening hours have increased to 2,500 hours each month, a cumulative 52,000 hours in the six years since we started. Over the past 18 months we have majored on adding our internet broadcasts to as many internet radio portals as we could find, and hence our listening numbers have increased significantly to the point where people are listening 24/7 and an encouraging number of people listen for more than 4 hours at a go.


WHERE are our listeners ? It is helpful to know that nearly 1,000 people listened via the internet in the last year with half of them contributing to 95% of our listening time. And they are all over the world … realising the 1999 vision of “healing waves flowing out of Merseyside”. Our last year’s improvement of our radio playing software enabled us to schedule our broadcasts round the clock, choosing interesting programmes through the night for people in different time zones. Obviously the majority of our listening hours (57% actually) are from the UK (37% from our broadcasting area), but what about the other hours – USA (27%), Philippines (7%), Europe (9%) and other countries (1%).


AND OF COURSE these people benefit from full stereo super hi-fi quality listening, wherever they are … at home, out in the streets, on the move and even in the car / bus / train. We were recently delighted when two local “older generation” residents triumphantly told us they listen to us via the internet … hoorah for the 21st Century!




LISTEN AGAIN is what it really says it is … enabling our listeners to choose when they want to catch up on a programme they have missed … and they do … in fact 140 people took advantage of this opportunity last month. It is not only the BBC that gives its listeners this opportunity; Flame CCR also does.

DETAIL … since 2013 we have been adding six hours of programmes each month to our LISTEN AGAIN capability so there are now 320 programmes available totalling 200 hours. Recently we added Chat Room programmes featuring Dave Croft (tribute), Doreen Kelly (prayer ministry), Gina Larrisey (adoption and life in care), Neil Roddy (drugs and punk music) and our two work experience students. We also added some Tilly Tuppence poems and completed the availability of the omnibus editions of the whole of our Pilgrim’s Progress dramatization. Every month we also add a composite collection of Jennifer Nevill’s Middle East News.

POPULARITY … we are finding this method of availability is very popular with our listeners. It also frees us from the responsibility of “burning” CDs and posting them to people … modern technology now enables people to LISTEN AGAIN to programmes on their mobile phones, or even download them for passing on to friends (and can burn their own CDs if they wish). Members of our Facebook group receive an availability message when we upload a new programme to LISTEN AGAIN and some people even “pass this on” to their friends so the social network works well to Flame’s advantage (God knew what he was doing when he planted the Facebook idea in people’s minds).

HOW MANY LISTENERS DO WE HAVE … a question on the lips of many people as they struggle to understand why we are so persistent with keeping Flame CCR on air. Well one answer is that some of our programmes have had nearly 200 listeners.

VARIETY is our intention … hence proverbs, interviews, preaching, missionary stories, devotionals, Heritage programmes, current affairs, debate, news, variety, drama, poetry, worship … it’s all there for you to enjoy in our 320 and increasing number of programmes.


THE ARTIST Joanne McClellan has seen her paintings displayed at the Tate North, and has also played drums at the prestigious St. George’s Hall, in Liverpool. For several years’ now, her artistic expression has been influenced by, and looks to reflect, what she feels was a ‘near-death’ experience.

SUCH EXPERIENCES can elicit emotional responses, when discussed – here, Joanne gently relates how she medically ‘died’ for a number of minutes, in a hospital bed. She describes how she was still aware of what was happening to her, and what she saw, including an encounter with Jesus Christ, she believes.

This is a serious interview about a controversial subject. It’s not for the faint-hearted and you can hear this Chat Room on Monday 13th June  from 13:30 and again on Tuesday 14th June at 20:00 and on Friday 17th from 16:00

The Summer Schedules Rolling Out this coming week

We continue to roll out our summer schedule and two new additions for Monday are Soul Cure from Cross Rhythms Radio, a programme that seeks to share the Gospel via Reggae, R&B and Urban music. You can get your first taste of this new show on Monday afternoon from 16:00 and Monday evening from 20:00 another opportunity to listen again to the music and conversation as you join Anthony Jones

The Monday Chat Room features the music & ministry of the Chester Deo Gratias Choir

The Monday Chat Room features the work and music of the Chester Deo Gratias Choir and they have two concerts during the month of June during the weekend of the Queen’s official birthday and the concerts will include music with a royal connection.

The programme will include two of Handel’s Coronation anthems, Zadok the Priest and ‘Let thy hand be strengthened’. Also The Hallelujah chorus as which happens to be the Queen’s favourite piece of music. Plus a selection of music featured in various coronation celebrations, ‘I will not leave you comfortless’ by Byrd and Stainer’s ‘Gloria’.

The Bible Society have published a book called ‘The Servant Queen’ and so the choir will be singing an arrangement of ‘The Servant King’. Add to that a selection of music from Bach and Karl Jenkins. They will  have a superb young 17 year old pianist for both concerts, Toby Stanford from Abbeygate College and he will be their guest soloist.

There will be two performances over the weekend at All Saints Church in Hoole, Chester on Sat 11th June and at Elton Church Hall on Sunday June 12th both commencing at 7.30pm.  The Chat Room can be heard on Monday from 13:30 & Tuesday & Friday Summer concert_flyer


The Great Destinations Radio Show launches this Saturday evening at 8:30 here on Flame CCR. Join Keri Jones for weekly location reports, travel tips and conversation about the world’s best places to visit:

– On this week’s show Keri visits Tortola and Anegada in the British Virgin Islands

– This week’s landmark to visit is to Ayer’s Rock also known as Uluru in the Aussie outback

– We meet travel author James Lowen who has written ‘A Summer Of British Wildlife”

– In Hobby Holidays you’ll hear about Singing holidays in Britain and Italy

– Event Horizon looks ahead to The Dublin Port Festival, St Albans’ Alban Festival and Secret Solstice in Iceland

– In 60-second staycation, David Taylor of Shaftesbury Tourist Information Centre has one minute to encourage you to visit “.


St Paul's Road Mission - the church with the big text, and home of our studios

St Paul’s Road Mission celebrates a significant milestone this month celebrating their 150th anniversary with special events taking place through the weekend with a special anniversary service at 7pm on Saturday 21st May and Sunday services at 11am and 6:30pm on 22nd May. Flame Christian & Community Radio will be celebrating with the members of St Pauls in recognition of the goodness of God and the fellowship and support the church have shown to Flame for many years. An hour of favourite and significant hymns to help mark the 150th anniversary will be broadcast on Flame CCR at 17:30 on Saturday and repeated again on Sunday at 12 noon.

St Paul’s Mission is located in Rock Ferry, Birkenhead and in the 1860’s the area experienced a mighty movement of the Holy Spirit in an outpouring of revival and a special programme will be broadcast on Saturday at 12:15pm and repeated on Sunday at 13:45 and finally but not least a very special Chat Room programme with Peter McGrath sharing his testimony with the focus on the amazing love of God and his power to transform lives. You can tune in and hear this Chat Room Special with a powerful story to share on Saturday from 18:30 and on Sunday from 18:00


Cheryl Fergison

THE BREAKFAST MIX on Thursday was broadcast LIVE from Liverpool City Centre and thank you to Christian Aid and the BIG BREKKIE organised by the MiTE City Centre Chaplains and hosted by Wildwood Kitchen, Church Street, Liverpool. It was a wonderful morning and a privilege for Flame CCR to share in this significant event and raise funds to help the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh. We met so many people, made new friends and enjoyed playing the music to help begin the day in the right way, and we enjoyed the sausage butties cooked to perfection by the Wildwood Kitchen chef. Thank you to actress Cheryl Fergison who called in for breakfast and gave her time to chat to us on the radio. Cheryl played the part of Heather Trott in the long running BBC ONE soap opera EastEnders from 2006 – 2012

A great morning, thank you to everyone for your support and every blessing to everyone involved and for providing an excellent fund raising event and making a difference to peoples lives.



The Flame Sound Stage hosted some of the best Christian singer/songwriters from our region at the Pentecost Pageant in Liverpool City Centre today on the Metropolitan Cathedral Plaza. Neale Roddy, Ruth Anne, Liam Moore, Ian Yates and local poet John Hulme and actress Phina Oruche helped to make the afternoon a challenge and a blessing to all who stopped to listen. This was part of the Pentecost Pageant in Hope Street celebrating the birthday of the Church as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. Today incidentally land-marked Flame’s 16th birthday, Flame first going on air at Pentecost 2000 to celebrate the Church’s birthday.

Our New Website

We are grateful to our two local Anglican Bishops who have contributed finance towards this website and other publicity material for Flame CCR.

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They aim to be more than just a business to make money but want to make a real and positive difference in this world, especially with their non-profit web site design.  This is done in a number of ways from helping non-profit organisations with their online presence to supporting projects around the world and at home.

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